Thinking the future of Guia Folha, a cultural city guide of São Paulo.


Guia Folha is the most complete cultural city guide of São Paulo. In the context of hyperspeed and full-connected society, publishing and offline products need to deal with new ways of interaction and platforms to attend users' demand and attract new targets. The goal of the project was to rethink their strategy and define future directions to develop new digital products and improve the existent ones.

workshop guia folha


Starting from a design research we were able to talk with users to understand their values and needs. An internal research gave us a clear understanding of the different needs for publishers, developers responsible to the digital products and all the areas related to the project.

workshop guia folha


A co-creation workshop with all internal areas involved was able to define Guia Folha's strategy to the future and the new value proposition. The end up was a roadmap to be followed the next years developing digital products.

workshop guia folha
Project developed at Folha de S.Paulo | 2015