Designing the first online running advisory service with real coaches.

In a process of co-creation with a sport advisory we developed a new digital service of running advisory with real coaches to provide a better experience for people who wants to start running or already like to run.

sourun design app


In a scenario that smartphone and wearable devices are part of everyday life of people, we encountered a ruge range of people that start running by themselves. Our challenge was to understand how those people were changing their behaviors with technology and adapting running habits in their lives.


We focused our efforts trying to understand a bit about the world of running. Through quantitative and qualitative research we understood runner's perception about running and their relationship with this universe. We did a benchmark to know about the existing market and trendings.

Talking with runners amateurs beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes and coaches. Some in order to performance, other fitness and some slimming. At the same time we took a deep immersion near a sports advisory to practice running and understand a little bit the feeling and the experience of running.

sourun design research


Using the Design Sprint methodology from Google Ventures we facilitated an innovation week in a co-creation process. Five days dedicated to create a new concept and test our ideas, encounters every day being focused on an objective and with results at the end of each day.

sourun design sprint

At the end of the innovation week we were able to validate what worked on the prototype, which should improve in the service and be able to remove what wasn't relevance to the project. The use of rapid prototyping and test with real people brought a lot of feedback to the project and we were able to close to understanding what they thought of the new very efficiently service.


We launched the service 3 months after started the project and the service has been developed and getting improvements for any new version.

sourun development
Project developed at Jurema software and innovation consultancy | 2014
Partners: Run & Fun