Designing the future of money transactions in a cashless scenario.


Shift towards cashless society as technology (biometrics) and digital infrastructure progress, a shift that been regarded as the ‘ULTIMATE time saver’. Modern day life is hectic. Time is fast becoming greatest resource of money. Everyday problem ESPECIALLY for working mom, time poor, depends upon convenience and efficiency to organise, manage family activity. To create an everyday responsive solution, that addresses both aspects, building upon familiar existing technologies (already we have calendars, contacts, cash transactions on mobile platforms).


Moneybags a cashless app for mother and child (10-15 years) that facilitates pre-approved transactions remotely,allowing the mother to track, manage and regulate child’s spending activity, WHILST facilitating childs independence and increasing their contact with ‘money’ through feedback, points of learning & contact.

money bag

Four days project presented at Frog Design Milan.

Academic project conducted at Politecnico di Milano | 2009
Partners: Elizabeth Meehen, Daniela Duran and Carla Egg.