Revitalization project to revival the local market at Aveiro.


Barbearia Miranda is a traditional barbershop located in the city center of Aveiro, Portugal. The project aimed to revitalize the local market to attract new clients, improve the trade revenue and make the region more alive. New shopping malls offer a diversity of services attracting people daily, on the other hand the local market of the city becomes increasingly weak and unable to compete at the same level. Losing the city's heritage and cultural tradition. How can we bring a new perception of value for new generations? How can we attract new clients and tourists? How to be a renewed trade without overlaping the tradition?

Miranda Barbershop photos


Revitalize the store by itself seeking the most sublime elements to base the project. Singular elements that represent the store and preserve the uniqueness identity. The redesign of branding and interior design helped to give back a friendly and cozy environment able to receive fidelity clients in a better way and attract new customers.

Miranda Barbershop board
Academic project conducted at the University of Aveiro | 2009
Partners: Ana Pereira e Judite Tavares